Friday, June 15, 2012

IAG-BB1, Five key facts

(Information about God – Brief Byte 1)
Everyone’s busy, so this is very short, but informational.

Five key facts
Can we believe the gospel accounts of Jesus? Critics and liberal theologians question the authenticity of much of Jesus’ life and the New Testament. However, there are five key facts concerning Christ that even the most liberal Bible scholars accept:
1. Jesus was killed by crucifixion
2. Jesus’ disciples believed that he rose and appeared to them
3. The conversion of the church persecutor Saul
4. The conversion of the skeptic James, Jesus’ half-brother
5. Jesus’ tomb was empty

Even New Testament critics and extreme liberals such as John Dominic Crossan, Gerd Ludemann and Bart Ehrman accept that Jesus was killed by crucifixion, for instance. So, there is consensus, even with skeptics, regarding some key points in the gospel accounts. (As told by Michael Licona, Ph.D. New Testament Studies, to Lee Stroebel in The Case for the Real Jesus.)