Sunday, June 24, 2012

IAG-BB2, Intelligence produces information

Information about God – Brief Byte 2
(Everyone’s busy, so this is very short, but informational.)

Critics charge that Christians employ a “God of the gaps” rational to account for biological systems that are not yet explained. Invoking an intelligent designer when an evolutionary process has not yet been discovered is labeled as anti-scientific. But that’s not true, particularly regarding information in the cell. The complex specified information encoded in the DNA of every cell can be explained. All causal information of this type is produced by an intelligent mind. This includes words in a book, radio signals, hieroglyphics and computer programming language. The data encoded in DNA is not only highly complex, comprised of three billion base pairs (in humans), but is also purposeful. The DNA molecule contains the blueprint design specifications for all of the biological systems in an organism. “Whenever we find specified information and we know the causal story of how that information arose, we always find that it arose from an intelligent source. It follows that the best, most causally adequate explanation for the origin of the specified, digitally encoded information in DNA is that it too had an intelligent source” (Stephen C. Meyer, Signature in the Cell, p. 347).

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